My first post is going to be of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. His team was defeated by the San Francisco 49er’s Saturday night. Aaron is in many State Farm commercials, with his most notable slogan being for the “Discount Double Check.”


2 thoughts on “NFL Playoffs Recap

  1. jrebecca2010

    I think you have a really good idea for a blog. Make sure to check your spelling and grammar, it’s nothing terrible but just a reminder. I’m sure I’ll have mistakes throughout this class because I don’t check over my work well enough. I like your blog though, and memes, so keep it up!

  2. nbrennan5150

    This Meme was commical and depressing in its own way. Although Aron Rodgers is a very hated man when on the field, this photo also depicts the amount of passion he has for the game. I guess the only reason I have always despised the Packers is simply because they are a much more mature and simply outsmart the Lions twice a year consistently. I would take a leader like Aron Rodgers on my team all day though, especially over Stafford.


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