Should Manti Te’o be on Catfish?




Star Linebacker for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and future NFL star Manti Te’o has been in the news lately for something completely un-football related. There are rumors going around that the Te’o made up a story about his girlfriend, who was supposedly a Stanford student, and someone Te’o had never actually met in person, passing away of  Leukemia. He told his coaches and media about her, but it seems as it was all a hoax to gain attention and put him in the spotlight. Though some people believe that Te’o was set up and thought he was really talking to someone online, it seems as it really was a way for Te’o, who was a Heisman candidate, made it all up to get some press coverage. This is humorous to me, as it seems like a twisted tail of a show that is gaining huge popularity on MTV called Catfish. This show is based of a documentary of which a man met a woman online, and when he drove to meet her, it ended up being a 40 year old lady. The man now has his own show and helps people meet the people they talk to online for the first time, and in the majority of the episodes, the person they are talking to, are actually people pretending to be someone besides themselves. 

Why someone would pull his stunt on Manti, or even if he made it up himself, is puzzling to a lot of people. It has been on ESPN now stop the last few days, and if you ask me, I would have to say someone got their wish; Manti Te’o getting mass media coverage. 



3 thoughts on “Should Manti Te’o be on Catfish?

  1. nbrennan5150

    This story was as dead as when it first came out. I feel bad for the guy I really do, but your right why would anyone do this intentionally? I just don’t see the risk-reward factor at all, if it was to help his Heisman chances it didn’t. Lately the more I hear about this issue the more I realize our generation of sports is no longer about the game, but instead about the reality of the athletes itself. We as a society need to leave these people alone, it’s as if we have forgotten they are human and mistakes are made. We should stop looking at athletes as superior demi-gods.

  2. Jasmine

    If someone does this for attention it is quite pathetic. I highly doubt that this would increase his chances at the Heisman. As for the comment above I think there needs to be a compromise between society putting athletes on unreasonable high pedestals, and athletes realizing that how they behave does affect the actions of society.

  3. jrebecca2010

    I remember when that first started taking over Sports Center. That’s all they would talk about it seemed like. If he did get “catfished”, I feel bad for him. That would be really hard thinking you’re talking to someone and it all being fake. It is hard to not think that he made it all up though. It almost seemed like he just wanted to be in the spotlight for a while. I know everyone has their own opinion on what really happened. I don’t really care either way though I’m just glad it’s not all over the news anymore. There are a lot more interesting things to talk about in my opinion.


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